Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tough. Phew.  So many things come to mind when I see this word with this photo.  It was sure tough seeing you come home all bruised up from paintball today.  I know you're a tough guy.  I know you had a BLAST.  So it was tough for mom to encourage you to go back and do it again. And soon.  I know it is tough on you trying to please everyone.  It is tough always being nice to your sister.  It is tough to always try your best to do the right thing.  But you are tough enough to do that too.  It is tough to see you grow up so fast and even tougher to have the trust to let you go off into the world.  But I love you.  I know you can.  And I am so proud of you.  You don't always have to be so TOUGH.  Remember that too.

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