Friday, May 8, 2009

Enough to make my heart smile.

"Mom, today, Mrs. Boyd, our substitute, told me...Chloe, you are like Dolores Dolphin."
Who is Dolores Dolphin I asked her...
"oh, she's just a character in a book we got today."

I peeked through it once we were home and this is what it said:

This is Dolores Dolphin.  Dolores is really smart.
She always helps others with their homework.
She always knows the right thing to do,
and she offers others good advice.
She cares about other fish.
Should we swim with Dolores Dolphin?

I was so happy my heart truly smiled.
And I quietly teared up with pride.
She had answered me so casual.
Did she know what a true compliment that was this Mrs. Boyd had given her?
If this is what my daughter is putting out there in the world.
If this is the impression she gives...
then I guess she can melt down and drive me crazy once she gets home.
Maybe I will  go just a bit easier on her.

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  1. Aw. That's so sweet! What a great Mommy-Moment.


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