Thursday, March 26, 2009

These are the Days....

It was my theme song when I graduated high School.  Funny, I don't really remember the bulk of it.  Nor so I think I actually want to.

THESE are the days I'll remember.  They go by sooo fast.  
She actually has discussions with me now.
Can you believe it?  Yes, they may be about her brother riding the bus.  Her Moose being "so cute."  The sky being "all wet".  But we talk all day now.  I want to remember every second of the sweetness in the way she looks at me.  The adoration is unmistakable.

This is a day I will remember. Acting silly on a beautiful spring day in the back yard with the self timer.  My baby saying I look "so pretty mama."  She was laughing about being "so crazy mama."
At that moment, nothing else mattered.  Truly.


  1. Children can fill us with so much love. Beautiful post.

    Happy Love Thursday!

  2. Aubrey,

    You said it! These really are the days to remember.

    I love the vibe here! Everybody should play more!

    Happy Love Thursday to you!!


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