Thursday, November 13, 2008

Page Patterns

END RESULT: 4 pages and 2 cards from the page patterns

pieces in the process:pick, measure, cut  ( I switched the green to blue at the last minute)

I am just home from my second night of teacher conferences, and I must say 2, I can not believe I am old enough to go to teacher conferences, and two, I am one very proud mama.

So I was flipping through the November Creating Keepsakes and came across some page patterns.  Something about one of the layouts yelled to me..."I am your Everyday LO!!!"  I have ignored these in the past, because I don't usually like being restricted by being told what to do.  But you know what, I just did it. And in less than 1.5 hours, I had 4 pages and 2 cards.  Talk about bang for your time.  In a tired state - it was actually nice being told what to do, and besides, you still get to pick out your own materials and embellishment details.  
Next time I am tired but want to get some scrapping done, I may just look at some old issues to see if I missed any other patterns that I like!  Check out the link.

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