Friday, January 25, 2013

listening to the quiet

my house is a bustling place.
there is hardly ever silence.
and I the mama, am never really alone here. ever.
I won't lie. there have been occasions that I thought...
wouldn't it be nice if they would all just leave me alone here, just for a bit?
I know I am lucky though.
It means my life is full.
Full of so much.
And I love them to crazy posse. I. love. them.

When they were building this house, over eight years ago, we used to come out on the weekends.
Two toddlers in tow...and hang out on "our land."
We would imagine our new lives here.
Our new chapter. How it would be.
It would tickle me the way the kids would say, "can we explore our land?"
(the whole 1/2 acre of it)

We came from a bustling city.
We really lived sort of in the hub of it. There was never quiet.
On those weekends out here, I would say,
Listen to how QUIET it is!
I loved it.
I would always wistfully think it won't stay that way.
Not once all the houses get built and this neighborhood is finished....

After the kids got onto the bus this morning I stood out on the deck.
Snow was melting....and I heard it.
The quiet.
I stood still and soaked it in.
I could hear the roosters on the farm behind me, and some cows off in the distance.
All I could think is woah. even in this bustling neighborhood, during a time that people are leaving for work...
for those many minutes, it was quiet.

So sometimes, I still get to listen to it.
And that is awesome.
Because sometimes the best thing in the world for you to listen to
is the QUIET.
I feel like a new woman ;)
Happy Friday!

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