Thursday, January 10, 2013

any runners out there? my own personal ally mcbeal

show of hands.
did any of you ever watch Ally Mcbeal?
And if you did, do you remember that dancing baby?
As absurd as he was. I could always without a doubt totally relate.
Maybe because my dance moves are just about as awesome...
but seriously.
It was her go to panic. Or go to stress THING.
SOMETIMES, when I feel overwhelmed I envision myself running away. I mean literally. My mind pops up with this image of me running away in a super hero like speed. AND, you know what? it feels amazing.
I even wrote about it at least once. {thingsyoushouldknowifwewilleverbebff's}
Maybe it's the stress of this week, but I can't shake my "dancing baby"

So, CRAZY, I know. Especially if you ever knew me in my teens.
I think I said more than once, that I'd never be a runner. I might have even said,
I hate running.
But that image of me running?
well, it seems like it's not going anywhere.
SO, I  have been thinking, for several months actually, that maybe I should learn how to run.
SO I can actually, sort of do, what I envision.
crazy? yes. a little crazy.
As this new year has started, I keep thinking I want to be that runner.
But I honestly have no idea how to even start.
I need to start somewhere and find out if there really is more to it....
Any runners out there?
give me what you've got.....

oh and that dancing baby video? you're welcome.

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